About the Band

Do you ever feel like you don't belong in this world?

Like you are out of place, or out of time?

Do you wake up and wonder what am i doing here?

Are you likely an outcast, a LOST SOUL looking for a moment to give that tired worn out mind some LIFE to bring you back to the world?

Chasing Mallory are a group of once lost souls who find solace in the heart-wrenching, hard-hitting, guitar-soaring, anthemic rock music they create.

They are on a mission to pick up the FALLEN, unite the BROKEN and ignite the FIRE inside those who feel they have nothing more to give.

Are you a LOST SOUL waiting to be found?

The band released their first single "Hating Heart" in 2021 which featured Eurovision's Monokate of Go_A and followed it up with their hard hitting singles "Reason" and "Everybody Needs Somebody" which received Radio play on BBC Radio 2's The Rock Show with Johnnie Walker aswell as numerous other radio plays under the BBC umbrella. 


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