About the Band

West Midlands-based Hard Rock players Chasing Mallory carry the flame of melodic, energetic heavy rock in a similar vein to emotionally vocally driven bands like Foo Fighters, Stone Sour and Three Days Grace.

Founded in 2021 by best buds Ashley Peters (Vocals) and Danny Zak (Lead Guitar), the pair began writing acoustic songs during a rough lockdown to cope with the lack of social interaction and inability to perform in front of people.

The pair were joined by Jay Patterson (Drums), David Thacker (Bass) and Oli Smith (Guitar) that transformed their once quiet acoustic sound into loud, energetic rock music.

The band released their first single "Hating Heart" which featured Eurovision's Monokate of Go_a and followed it up with their thought provoking music video "Dare to Lose it All" and then arena rock anthem "Reason." 

The band have just released their 4th single "Everybody Needs Somebody" which BBC Introducing Midlands made it their Track of the Week and then received radio airplay on BBC Radio 2's The Rock Show with Johnnie Walker!

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